Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pedicures for the herd!

Great day yesterday, my farrier, Gordie was here and put in time on the horses hooves. Jewel and Rose now have shoes, so no more worries about riding on the gravel roads. The rest of the herd all received a trim, being the stallion of the barn,Duc was first! Of course he was awesome. Gordie does a fantastic job and is so good with all of them. Shim who does not have the best front hooves, bad cracks right up the front, he thinks he can get them fixed up for her.
On the weekend the horses all had a turn getting their West Nile vaccine shots. We are now prepared for mosquito season and I fear it could be a bad one. There is a ton of water laying around, perfect breeding grounds for the little buggers. So far they haven't been too bad,due to the fact the wind has been blowing gale force lately!
Going riding today and use those new shoes!

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