Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hot, hot and more hot. So far this summer we have seen some scorching temperatures and very little rain at Diamond A Canadians. The horses are all doing well, although I am sure they would wish it to cool off into the 20's C instead of the 30+ degree weather we have been experiencing.

I hope you all like the new website and visit often. On our front page, being featured this month is Rapture and her filly Willow. Each month will see a new picture and different horse being spotlighted. That way they all get a turn being a star!

My daughter Chelsey and I have been riding each night after it cools off. Chelsey is giving Carma some exercise and I have been putting on some miles on Rose. She is going nicely under saddle and I am planning on taking her to Spruce Meadows in September to take part in the breed demos happening there. Let people know that Canadians come in something besides black!

Happy Tails,