Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Growing Well

The pasture has proven to be a wonderful place for Winnie and Willow to spend their summer. They both did exceptionally well being turned out and have grown considerably. At 16 months of age they are measuring 14.2hh: Winnie, and
14.1hh: Willow. My wish for them is to find wonderful homes where they will go out and compete against other breeds and show people what Canadians are capable of. Willow is going to make an exceptional English mount, she really has that sporthorse look to her. Winnie is going to be your all round, I can do anything kind of horse. I am looking forward to this winter when I am going to start their training!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Busy Day Ahead...

It's that time of year again...Chelsey and I will be bringing home the yearlings,(Willow & Winnie)along with Jeanne and foal(Xade)from the summer pasture. The farrier is coming on Tuesday to give everyone a trim and pull shoes off of Rose and Jewel. In the meantime the herd is going to get dewormed and we have some major grooming ahead of us. Bridlepaths to be clipped etc. and get the tangles out of mane and tails,good thing they all enjoy a good grooming. Bring on the Show Sheen!

If you are contemplating coming to look at my herd, this coming weekend would be a good time to come as everyone will still be home and the weather is "supposed" to be nice. Xade will be getting weaned the end of the week as well and Jeanne will be heading back to pasture after that.

Happy Trails....