Saturday, September 25, 2010

Xena's Big Day

Xena is a big girl now and is officially weaned as of today! She is not overly concerned about it at all and enjoyed the extra attention lavished upon her. She is such a sweet girl and so quiet. She is going to be spending her nights' in the barn with Rose as company(Rose will love being back in the barn). Mystique is not really missing her baby either, so I guess it was time.
Chelsey and I were finally able to go riding today on Jewel and Rose. A beautiful fall day, we wound our way thru the swathed fields of barley and enjoyed a great ride. The mares were happy to be out and feeling good, worked up a pretty good sweat too. Best part of riding this time of bugs!
The photo is of Xena in her pretty purple halter.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wow, What A Battle Team!

We've been home for a week already from Spruce Meadows and I finally have time to blog and tell you all how it went...fantastic. For the first time ever the Canadian Horse placed in the top 5 over-all. Quite an accomplishment for our 3 horse team, I am so proud of my teammates and our horses. Jewel and I competed in Jumping, Trail and Barrels. Jumping we did not to bad, Jewel didn't have her best day, but we still did alright. With our combined score with teammate Julie, we finished just out of the ribbons in seventh place. Not bad, now on to Barrel Racing the next day. Now Canadians are not noted for their speed, and Jewel is a big girl...boy did we have some jaws dropping,lol. She had tight turns on her barrels and revved it up inbetween! The Canadians made it back in for the second round(only the top fastest 6teams come back for a second run). When it was over, we received a fifth place ribbon! Unbelievably we beat the Quarter horses, shocking I know! The next morning was Trail and the final event of the competition. Going in to this event the Canadian Team was siiting 6th over-all. Jewel was a perfect ambassador for the breed, she did each obstacle calmly and even though we ran out of time, we did get a pretty good score. Combined with Julie and her horse, we came out with fifth place ribbons and good enough for a top five finish to end the Battle.
What a great time we all had together enjoying our horses and showing the world what a Canadian Horse can do.
Photo is Jewel showing off her 5th place ribbon from Barrel Racing.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Off to Spruce Meadows

Hello All..... Just time for a quick note to keep you updated. Jewel and I are off to Spruce Meadows today to take part in the Teleus Battle of the Breeds. Hope to see you there and hear you cheering on the Canadian team.Looking forward to it! The photo is from our last jumper show.