Sunday, December 19, 2010

Family Ride...

A crisp winter day was the perfect setting for a ride with my daughters. Chelsey rode Jewel of course, Marci gave Rose a try and for the first time I rode Duc in company. Usually I go out on him by myself, but today he was a happy horse out with some girls! It has been quite sometime since the three of us have been able to all go out together, it was wonderful! Just like old times,except my daughters are now all grown up and are young women and their mounts are all Canadians. Also joining us was our Lab puppy, Roxie. It was just like a Christmas present all wrapped up in the smell of horses and laughter.
Merry Christmas and Joyful Riding!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Ride

I must say that I have amazing horses!! Jewel and Rose have had some time off and today when Chelsey and I went for a ride, they behaved just like they were rode yesterday. In Chelsey's words, "Jewel is just the most awesomest horse ever"! I would have to agree, and Rose was such a good girl too. It felt wonderful to be riding through the fields, and we have beautiful conditions to ride in. The snow is fluffy and soft and flys up nicely as you trot along.
Thank goodness for Chinooks, you just have to love'em and make the most of them while you can!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Its been a very long time since I have blogged! I hope everyone has been keeping up with our going on's thru facebook. The horses are all home from pasture for the winter and although recently the weather hasn't been the greatest for riding, I am hoping to get back to riding Rose and also starting to work with Winnie and Willow under saddle a bit.Winnie had 3 days of training before winter hit us with a vengence and she showed a tremendous aptitude for new things. Incredibly smart filly.

Jewel's new harness has arrived and thru the winter I hope to get her going and by spring be ready to go driving!

Xena has been sold and has gone to live in Manitoba with a wonderful family. She is their first Canadian Horse and I hope they love her as much as I did.

Chelsey and I had a photo session today with Duc, he could be a poster stud for how to behave when getting your photo taken! Basically dropped the lead rope, told him to stand, he was such fun to play with! Really got in the zone! I hope you enjoy our photo.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Growing Well

The pasture has proven to be a wonderful place for Winnie and Willow to spend their summer. They both did exceptionally well being turned out and have grown considerably. At 16 months of age they are measuring 14.2hh: Winnie, and
14.1hh: Willow. My wish for them is to find wonderful homes where they will go out and compete against other breeds and show people what Canadians are capable of. Willow is going to make an exceptional English mount, she really has that sporthorse look to her. Winnie is going to be your all round, I can do anything kind of horse. I am looking forward to this winter when I am going to start their training!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Busy Day Ahead...

It's that time of year again...Chelsey and I will be bringing home the yearlings,(Willow & Winnie)along with Jeanne and foal(Xade)from the summer pasture. The farrier is coming on Tuesday to give everyone a trim and pull shoes off of Rose and Jewel. In the meantime the herd is going to get dewormed and we have some major grooming ahead of us. Bridlepaths to be clipped etc. and get the tangles out of mane and tails,good thing they all enjoy a good grooming. Bring on the Show Sheen!

If you are contemplating coming to look at my herd, this coming weekend would be a good time to come as everyone will still be home and the weather is "supposed" to be nice. Xade will be getting weaned the end of the week as well and Jeanne will be heading back to pasture after that.

Happy Trails....

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Xena's Big Day

Xena is a big girl now and is officially weaned as of today! She is not overly concerned about it at all and enjoyed the extra attention lavished upon her. She is such a sweet girl and so quiet. She is going to be spending her nights' in the barn with Rose as company(Rose will love being back in the barn). Mystique is not really missing her baby either, so I guess it was time.
Chelsey and I were finally able to go riding today on Jewel and Rose. A beautiful fall day, we wound our way thru the swathed fields of barley and enjoyed a great ride. The mares were happy to be out and feeling good, worked up a pretty good sweat too. Best part of riding this time of bugs!
The photo is of Xena in her pretty purple halter.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wow, What A Battle Team!

We've been home for a week already from Spruce Meadows and I finally have time to blog and tell you all how it went...fantastic. For the first time ever the Canadian Horse placed in the top 5 over-all. Quite an accomplishment for our 3 horse team, I am so proud of my teammates and our horses. Jewel and I competed in Jumping, Trail and Barrels. Jumping we did not to bad, Jewel didn't have her best day, but we still did alright. With our combined score with teammate Julie, we finished just out of the ribbons in seventh place. Not bad, now on to Barrel Racing the next day. Now Canadians are not noted for their speed, and Jewel is a big girl...boy did we have some jaws dropping,lol. She had tight turns on her barrels and revved it up inbetween! The Canadians made it back in for the second round(only the top fastest 6teams come back for a second run). When it was over, we received a fifth place ribbon! Unbelievably we beat the Quarter horses, shocking I know! The next morning was Trail and the final event of the competition. Going in to this event the Canadian Team was siiting 6th over-all. Jewel was a perfect ambassador for the breed, she did each obstacle calmly and even though we ran out of time, we did get a pretty good score. Combined with Julie and her horse, we came out with fifth place ribbons and good enough for a top five finish to end the Battle.
What a great time we all had together enjoying our horses and showing the world what a Canadian Horse can do.
Photo is Jewel showing off her 5th place ribbon from Barrel Racing.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Off to Spruce Meadows

Hello All..... Just time for a quick note to keep you updated. Jewel and I are off to Spruce Meadows today to take part in the Teleus Battle of the Breeds. Hope to see you there and hear you cheering on the Canadian team.Looking forward to it! The photo is from our last jumper show.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fun and Sucess at our first Jumper Show!

Jewel in the 3' class

Last Sunday I went to compete in our first ever Jumper Show, with Rose in the 2' Division and Jewel in the 3' and 3'3" Divisions. With Chelsey along as my loyal groom and cheering section, we enjoyed a wonderful day.

Rose after her class

In each division there are 2 seperate classes, Rose did wonderful and jumped scary looking stadium jumps with no hesitation. That in itself I thought was very good for our first time out, plus she picked up a third place in the Power and Speed class.

Jewel had a bit more of a look at the jumps , but once she got going she did quite well. We jumped our first ever triple combination, clear every time thru! They were some of the biggest jumps we have ever jumped, one oxer in particular, was giving us grief. But in our 3'3" Power and Speed class Jewel prevailed and we cleared them all giving us a win! I am utterly thrilled with my mares and their performances. Can't wait for the next show!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun Times at Eventing Clinic

Just home from a 3 day eventing clinic with my 5 yr.old mare Rose. She was very impressive, for being very green to jumping, she did exceptionally well. Over a 2 day clinic, she is now stadium jumping 2'6 verticals and oxers. And for her very first time even seeing cross country obstacles, she is in and out of the water hazard at a trot , jumping up the bank out of the water, jumping ditches without hesitation, coops that were 2'6" to 2'8" and logs. She was INCREDIBLE and thoroughly impressed me along with some non believers. My cross country instructor who has said she has never been much impressed with Canadians has said after seeing Rose she will have to revise her opinion of Canadians. Thats what we need to do, prove our breed can do all of these things and do them well. I am looking forward to taking Rose next year and going to some eventing competitions. We have a year to train! In the meantime, August is a busy month. Charity trail ride coming up next weekend, jumping show the following weekend and an open show the weekend after that. Going to keep us busy.
Happy Trails...and don't forget the bug spray!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Horse Show, Battle Team, Having Fun!

Okay, I know its been forever since I have blogged and I could probably write a book on all the things that have been going on since I last wrote, but I will try not to bore you!

In June the annual Canadian Horse show was held, this year it was in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. We took 3 horses to compete, Winnie, Rose and Jewel. Winnie won her Yearling Halter class, Rose won Grand Champion Halter Mare along with various other ribbons in other classes. She jumped her first full course and handled herself amazingly well. Pretty good for only just jumping a couple of jumps at home. Jewel, after having not been ridden since November of 2008 and raising a foal last year, and about 10 rides before she went to the show was incredible. Chelsey won a ribbon in showmanship class with her and rode her in a couple of riding classes, she had a ton of fun. Then it was my turn on her. Pointed her at the jumps and boy did she perform. She was flying around the ring having the time of her life! In barrel racing we even won it! My big tank of a mare who hasn't raced barrels since we were on the Battle team and I just turned and said "lets go"and off she went. It was so much fun.
Jewel and I were asked to be a part of the "Battle Team" so we are heading to Spruce Meadows in September to compete in the Battle of the Breeds. I hope we do the breed proud. To that end we are doing lots of riding and heading to some shows this summer to prepare.

Jewel, dressed as a dinosaur and myself as a cavewoman , took part in our town's July 1st parade. Will post a photo!

The horses are all doing well, the yearlings;Willow and Winnie, along with Jeanne and her foal Xade are out in the big pasture.With grass up to their bellies and mosquitoes by the millions, they are happy to see us everynight when we visit and give them some relief with bug spray.

Duc was put to work with his studly duties and has bred back Jeanne and Mystique for 2011 foals. Duc also had one outside mare come to visit. So hopefully next year there will be 3 Duc foals arriving.

I have been putting lots of training on Rose and she is coming along nicley. She goes well under both western and english tack now, and we are going to a 3 day eventing clinic the end of the month, where we will both benefit from some instruction. I will keep you updated on our progress. She is a very nice little mare who just keeps getting better. She is entered into a couple of shows in August to gain some experience.

Jewel and I went to a driving clinic, which was wonderful. We both learned alot and I can't wait to continue our training. I had hoped to get her driving this summer, but it seems to be flying by, so for now I am going to concentrate on the long line training and hopefully this fall after Spruce we can get hitched!

I will try to be better about writing more the meantime,
Happy Trails.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jeanne finally did it!

After being 10 days over due, and spending the night with her last night, Jeanne has given us a very nice stud colt. I did have to assit her a little bit and like last year the birth sac was over his head, so it was a very good thing that I was there with her. Mom and son are doing well. We have named him Diamond A Duc Xade.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Newest addition to our horse family

Mystique foaled 2 days early and gave us a gorgeous filly.

We have named her Diamond A Duc Xena. She is a day old in this photo and is a real sweetie pie.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Still Waiting!

Eleven months and counting and Jeanne is still holding together. Hoping she will pop soon as I am getting tired of checking her! I still think it will be at least a couple more days before she foals due to her not being waxed over, but I will continue to keep a close watch. Mystique is getting close as well. Maybe by the weekend we will have a foal.
I vaccinated the horses for West Nile yesterday, with all this moisture the mosquitoes are going to be bad this summer. The yearlings will need their booster shot in a month.
This weekend Jewel and the yearlings are going to be put out on summer pasture. I know they will enjoy their freedom and have a blast in the wide open spaces. Hopefully Jewel does a good job babysitting.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mane Event

Lots of news, due to the fact that I haven't blogged forever!!

Springtime greetings all, although by times it still seems as if winter does not want to leave as it keeps giving us some snow! Thankgoodness we have gotten some lovely moisture and the pastures are all greening up wonderfully.

Since I have updated you last, the farrier made a visit and trimmed the yearlings, Duc and I had him put shoes on Rose. Once the fields are seeded it will be back to riding on the gravel roads, hence the shoes. They all stood exceptionally well, Winnie was most impressive for her second trimming.Behaved like an old pro!

We had a fabulous time at the Mane event, Rose was very good, it was her first time in an indoor arena and she worked very nicely. The new trailer was great, we thoroughly enjoyed having a furnace, as it was kinda chilly overnight. The photo is of the group who took part in the Sunday Breed Demo. I am on Rose the photo poser!

Chelsey and I brought the mares home from the pasture in preperation of foaling time, which is quickly approaching. Jeanne is due on the 7th of May, with Mystique on the 17th all of this month. Hoping the weather would improve and be warm, so I won't freeze when I am out there on baby watch.

Over the last week the yearlings have received their 5-way booster vaccine, I trimmed Jeanne and Mystiqe's hooves,and have been grooming off the mud after everyone rolls(that is a full time job in itself,lol) and Carma has officailly been sold and has gone to her forever home with her new owner Margit. Busy times on Diamond A.

Will keep you updated on baby watch.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another spring storm!!

We survived another spring storm, Thankfully we did get some moisture from this one, at least enough to get the pastures a start. With the warm weather forecasted for the next few days it should really start to green up.

The photo this time is my girl, Winnie. Fur ball that she is!

Stopped at the vet clinic today after work and bought 2 more 5-way vaccines to give to the yearling fillies. It has been just about a month since they had their first dose, so this will be their booster shot. They stood very well the first time, so am expecting more of the same from them. Gave them a quick rub with the brush tonight, Winnie is a total fur ball, but is finally letting go some of her winter coat. Willow is not half as fuzzy, but is finally letting loose too. Plan on giving them a real good rub this weekend. See if we can fill up a 5 gallon bucket with hair(I don't think it will be hard to do!) Exciting news, I have a "Sale Pending" on Carma. Will give more details as time progresses, but I will share that I have a good feeling that she has found her "forever home". Makes me very happy for my sweet little mare.

Hopefully Rose and I can get in some riding this weekend, slip slidding thru the mud!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weather and Horses

Wow, in typical Alberta fashion the weather has been doing its number on us. After having an unseasonably warm March, which we took full advantage of by being very busy working with the horses. Then April 8th arrived and that night with it a full blown spring storm. Unfortunately not much moisute with it, the snow all blew away, but the wind blew at 90 km/hr for most of Thursday night and into Friday, with it finally subsiding late Saturday night. Today it is once again a beautiful day made for riding.

The photo posted is of Rose working on the lunge line last Wednesday, before the storm.

My pregnant mares are beginning to show sings of making bag, only a month to go and hopefully we will have little Duc babies on the ground. I am looking forward to it!

I have been busy readying the trailer for our first outing of the year. The Mane Event in Red Deer is taking place April 23-25, and Rose and I will be taking part in the breed demos. We have been working on loading and unloading and with some practice Rose is doing it like a pro. She initially wasn't to sure about the whole ramp deal, but now all is well. Carma walked on like it was no big deal, so she got a nice treat for that!
Time to ride!

Monday, March 22, 2010

I have been so busy with the horses I have had no time to blog! Plus we made a trip down to Oregon to visit family and while we were down there I went and visited another rare breed of horse, the Cleveland Bay. While they are nice, I much prefer my Canadians. Cleveland Bays are very big in the front end, very uphill horses but not much in the back end.(At least the ones that I saw.) Whereas Canadians are a very well balanced horse throughout, I guess it comes down to personal preference. I am sticking with my Canadians!

Before we left for Oregon we brought the mares home from the pasture, making it easier for our neighbor to do chores.I didn't expect him to haul water out to them! Upon arrival home from Oregon and after the annual trip to the vet clinic to buy vaccinations for everyone, the mares have been vaccinated, hooves trimmed, recieved a good grooming and have been returned to the pasture for another month before they are brought home for foaling. They are much happier out there roaming around and getting exercise than standing around at home being bored.

The weather this month has been above normal temps. and I have logged a fair amount of riding already for this time of year. Just the other day Rose and I put on over 6 miles, she is a very fun horse to ride. Eager and bold, she has an amazing walk that I love.

If you visit the sale page anytime soon, there are going to be some price changes. The yearling fillies are increasing in price and in order to find Carma a home, I am dropping her price.
So check us out.
Happy Trails...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Unbelievablely warm weather over the past week for March in Alberta. I have been out on Duc twice, and he thoroughly enjoys being out and about. He is very out of shape so we are taking it pretty easy, plus he has a very thick winter coat yet. Although he is shedding out he works up a good sweat in all that hair.
Had a fantastic ride on Carma yesterday, 5 miles we went, alternated walk a 1/2 mile, trot a 1/2 mile. She was a tired mare when we got home, but still game. Today when I rode her she still stepped out and we covered 3 miles pretty easy.
The snow is melting at a very quick rate and the pens are all muddy, hence the horses are all muddy. Keeping us busy grooming for sure! The yearling fillies loved getting brushed last night, and of course got completely covered in mud again today!
Doesn't matter where you scratch the horses this time of year, they all curl their lip in glee.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Travelling In Style

The horses and I will be travelling well this summer. Very happy to say we have upgraded our horse trailer to one with living quarters. After years of wishing for one, to owning one, it is like a dream come true! My husband made a road trip to Texas to make it happen for me, 4200 miles round trip! I am so excited to start using it, I can't wait.

With the weather being so springlike lately it has been wonderful to be out with the horses. Lunging & riding Carma(she is full of spring fever, lots of energy) Chelsey had a short ride on Rose, first time anyone else has rode Rose, they were both fine with it.
Duc has been lunged this week too, and he is more than happy to be put to work. I am planning on riding him today for the first time in quite awhile. Chelsey has been learning to apply leg wraps; Polos, standing bandages etc and has been using Duc as her model. He stands so well, like a very relaxed statue.
All of the horses are doing very well and are loving this warmer weather.
Happy Spring Riding.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Perfect day for riding!

An absolutely gorgeous day for riding today, beautiful clear blue skies and it was a little above zero. It sure made for nice riding and Chelsey and I had a great time. Both Carma and Rose stepped out smartly and we put on a few miles and worked up a nice sweat. More of the same for tomorrow, hopefully.
I have decided come April 1st, that I am increasing the price on Winsome and Willow. So if you are interested in my young fillies now is the time to buy. Come by and check them out, I know you won't be disappointed.
All of the horses are enjoying the break in the weather and some of them have even started to let go of their winter coats a little bit. Everyone certainly enjoys getting a good brushing/scratch.
Happy Trails

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Well here we are already well into February, and after 2 weeks of gloomy skies and fog we finally had a clear blue day of sunny weather. Of course I put that to good use and went for a ride on Rose, she was more than happy to get out and we had a nice little ride.
We are continuing our search for our new-to-us horse trailer, we have a short list, hopefully one of them may turn out be the right one!
A new turn of events, Jewel may be pregnant after all and the vet wasn't feeling in the right place maybe! When I took water out to the field today for the mares, looking closely at Jewel's flank area, I am pretty sure I could see movement of a foal. I guess if she is she will continue to grow and I will continue to watch for more signs!
Valentines Day is fast approaching...give your special four legged friend an extra treat!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

As January comes to an end on Diamond A, we have had a good month. I have sold my horse trailer and have begun my search for one with living quarters. Am looking forward to new adventures this summer putting it to good use.
Haven't done to much riding, unfortunately the chinook made for very slippery footing and the fields are not the best either. We did have some very nice people come out and try Carma. Maybe they will be the ones to give her a forever home, I felt it was a good match but only time will tell.
The two young fillies are continueing to do well, they eagerly look forward to going back in the barn every night, especially if the weather is unpleasant! Regardless they are are always waiting at the gate for attention or will come on the run if you show up unexpectedly.
Looking ahead to February and getting in some riding, here's hoping the worst of the winter is over and spring will be here in a couple of months!
If you have been checking us out online, why not come for a visit and meet us and the horses in person. You might just find the horse of your dreams!
Until then....Karen

Monday, January 11, 2010

Official First Trim

We still are enjoying a chinook, so I am taking advantage of it and had the farrier come today.
Willow and Winnie had their first official trim, I couldn't have asked them to be better behaved. The farrier was quite impressed with them and how well they stood. He said he has 12 Quarter horse young ones to do next week and said he hopes they will be half as good as my fillies! Chelsey and I brought the mares home from the field too, so everyone had a manicure! Tomorrow I hope to be back in the saddle and maybe even get some video taken of Rose, so we can post it on youtube. Then you will be able to see first hand how awesome she is!
Until then ...happy riding.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chinook arrived! Time to ride!

Yay, finally the weather has improved and boy did we take advantage of it. Chelsey riding Carma and myself on Rose and away we went dashing thru the snow. Had a wonderful ride and as the mares were trotting along, the snow was spraying everywhere from plowing thru it and the sun was shining,it was an absolutely marvelous time. Wish I could have taken a picture. Hoping to get out again tomorrow, can't wait!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

It is the beginning of a new year and a new decade at Diamond A Canadians. Wow, it has been 10 years since I have bought my first Canadian horse(Jewel), the herd has certainly grown over the years! I look forward to many adventures with my Canadians and meeting and introducing this wonderful breed to more people. My hope is to find wonderful forever homes for my mares that I am selling, it is hard to sell when you love them but know it is for the best. I will continue to stand Duc and offer him to outside mares, but will only breed 1or 2 mares of my own. I have dreams of getting Jewel driving this summer and 3day eventing on Rose (if she isn't sold by then). Someone might come along and realize how awesome she is! The young fillies Winnie and Wilow will take up my time too, doing lots of ground work with them etc. I can see already that Willow is destined for the show ring, what an elegant girl she is, a total show-off! Winnie is going to make someone an awesome mount or driving horse. Her attitude is one of calm acceptance, she wants to understand what is going on around her, investigate and see whats happens next. I wish you all a very Happy New Year and may all of your Canadian Horse dreams come true in 2010.