Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Diamond A News

Wow, it has been a long time since I have updated you all. So much has happened here, its hard to know where to start. Big plans for the Annual CHARMD Show were well underway and the day before we were to leave, Duc came down with our first ever major bout of colic. It was a very scary event, but after a trip down to a very well renowed clinic by Calgary, he made a complete and full recovery. I was very happy to get him back home where he belongs.

Even though I was very low on sleep and high on stress, Chelsey and I were able to make it to the show after all. We enjoyed two wonderful days with our fellow Canadian Horse lovers and ended up doing extremely well with our mares Jewel and Rose. Rose earned Top Mare of the Show and also garnered the Over-All Show Champion Award. Very proud am I! Jewel also performed very well and she has been chosen once again to be a part of the Canadian Horse team for the Telus Battle of the Breeds in September at Spruce Meadows.

The next weekend after the Canadian show, Rose and I were entered into her first ever 3-day event. Our Dressage test was so-so, cross country was amazing, she never faltered once and did a very fine job. As for show jupming she went clear as well and for our efforts in competing in our first event we brought home an 8th place ribbon. How awesome is that!
The rest of July was spent at home riding in between rainstorms, taking care of the rest of the herd and enjoying my horses.
August is a busy competition month but I will save that for the next blog!
Make sure you check out the "for sale" page on the website in the coming days.New photos and the new foals will be showing up on there as well.
Happy Trails....