Monday, March 22, 2010

I have been so busy with the horses I have had no time to blog! Plus we made a trip down to Oregon to visit family and while we were down there I went and visited another rare breed of horse, the Cleveland Bay. While they are nice, I much prefer my Canadians. Cleveland Bays are very big in the front end, very uphill horses but not much in the back end.(At least the ones that I saw.) Whereas Canadians are a very well balanced horse throughout, I guess it comes down to personal preference. I am sticking with my Canadians!

Before we left for Oregon we brought the mares home from the pasture, making it easier for our neighbor to do chores.I didn't expect him to haul water out to them! Upon arrival home from Oregon and after the annual trip to the vet clinic to buy vaccinations for everyone, the mares have been vaccinated, hooves trimmed, recieved a good grooming and have been returned to the pasture for another month before they are brought home for foaling. They are much happier out there roaming around and getting exercise than standing around at home being bored.

The weather this month has been above normal temps. and I have logged a fair amount of riding already for this time of year. Just the other day Rose and I put on over 6 miles, she is a very fun horse to ride. Eager and bold, she has an amazing walk that I love.

If you visit the sale page anytime soon, there are going to be some price changes. The yearling fillies are increasing in price and in order to find Carma a home, I am dropping her price.
So check us out.
Happy Trails...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Unbelievablely warm weather over the past week for March in Alberta. I have been out on Duc twice, and he thoroughly enjoys being out and about. He is very out of shape so we are taking it pretty easy, plus he has a very thick winter coat yet. Although he is shedding out he works up a good sweat in all that hair.
Had a fantastic ride on Carma yesterday, 5 miles we went, alternated walk a 1/2 mile, trot a 1/2 mile. She was a tired mare when we got home, but still game. Today when I rode her she still stepped out and we covered 3 miles pretty easy.
The snow is melting at a very quick rate and the pens are all muddy, hence the horses are all muddy. Keeping us busy grooming for sure! The yearling fillies loved getting brushed last night, and of course got completely covered in mud again today!
Doesn't matter where you scratch the horses this time of year, they all curl their lip in glee.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Travelling In Style

The horses and I will be travelling well this summer. Very happy to say we have upgraded our horse trailer to one with living quarters. After years of wishing for one, to owning one, it is like a dream come true! My husband made a road trip to Texas to make it happen for me, 4200 miles round trip! I am so excited to start using it, I can't wait.

With the weather being so springlike lately it has been wonderful to be out with the horses. Lunging & riding Carma(she is full of spring fever, lots of energy) Chelsey had a short ride on Rose, first time anyone else has rode Rose, they were both fine with it.
Duc has been lunged this week too, and he is more than happy to be put to work. I am planning on riding him today for the first time in quite awhile. Chelsey has been learning to apply leg wraps; Polos, standing bandages etc and has been using Duc as her model. He stands so well, like a very relaxed statue.
All of the horses are doing very well and are loving this warmer weather.
Happy Spring Riding.