Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Horse Show, Battle Team, Having Fun!

Okay, I know its been forever since I have blogged and I could probably write a book on all the things that have been going on since I last wrote, but I will try not to bore you!

In June the annual Canadian Horse show was held, this year it was in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. We took 3 horses to compete, Winnie, Rose and Jewel. Winnie won her Yearling Halter class, Rose won Grand Champion Halter Mare along with various other ribbons in other classes. She jumped her first full course and handled herself amazingly well. Pretty good for only just jumping a couple of jumps at home. Jewel, after having not been ridden since November of 2008 and raising a foal last year, and about 10 rides before she went to the show was incredible. Chelsey won a ribbon in showmanship class with her and rode her in a couple of riding classes, she had a ton of fun. Then it was my turn on her. Pointed her at the jumps and boy did she perform. She was flying around the ring having the time of her life! In barrel racing we even won it! My big tank of a mare who hasn't raced barrels since we were on the Battle team and I just turned and said "lets go"and off she went. It was so much fun.
Jewel and I were asked to be a part of the "Battle Team" so we are heading to Spruce Meadows in September to compete in the Battle of the Breeds. I hope we do the breed proud. To that end we are doing lots of riding and heading to some shows this summer to prepare.

Jewel, dressed as a dinosaur and myself as a cavewoman , took part in our town's July 1st parade. Will post a photo!

The horses are all doing well, the yearlings;Willow and Winnie, along with Jeanne and her foal Xade are out in the big pasture.With grass up to their bellies and mosquitoes by the millions, they are happy to see us everynight when we visit and give them some relief with bug spray.

Duc was put to work with his studly duties and has bred back Jeanne and Mystique for 2011 foals. Duc also had one outside mare come to visit. So hopefully next year there will be 3 Duc foals arriving.

I have been putting lots of training on Rose and she is coming along nicley. She goes well under both western and english tack now, and we are going to a 3 day eventing clinic the end of the month, where we will both benefit from some instruction. I will keep you updated on our progress. She is a very nice little mare who just keeps getting better. She is entered into a couple of shows in August to gain some experience.

Jewel and I went to a driving clinic, which was wonderful. We both learned alot and I can't wait to continue our training. I had hoped to get her driving this summer, but it seems to be flying by, so for now I am going to concentrate on the long line training and hopefully this fall after Spruce we can get hitched!

I will try to be better about writing more often...in the meantime,
Happy Trails.