Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hello Canadian Horse Lovers,
It has been awhile since I have given you any new information.I've been sick with a cold since arriving home from Italy on the 6th and have been busy with the horses. The horses were all brought home from fall pasture November 8th, the farrier came on the 9th and everyone got a trim except for the fillies, Winnie and Willow. Jewel, Jeanne and Mystique received their Pneumabort shots.
November 14th was the big day, Winnie and Willow were weaned, much to their dismay. What do you mean my mom is not coming back!
Since then all the horses have been wormed and the mares are back out on fall pasture. The vet was here on the 23rd and the weanlings were microchipped and Jewel and Mystique were preg checked. Mystique is pregnant but unfortunately Jewel is not. So we will only be expecting foals from Jeanne and Mystique in the spring.
The weanlings are doing very well, stand tied nicely and are leading quite well.They are enjoying being brushed and fusssed over, love going into the barn each night. Working on picking up their feet and they are getting much better about that.
Their registration papers were sent in today, so before too long they will be officially Registered. Our first foal crop to carry the Diamond A name.