Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another spring storm!!

We survived another spring storm, Thankfully we did get some moisture from this one, at least enough to get the pastures a start. With the warm weather forecasted for the next few days it should really start to green up.

The photo this time is my girl, Winnie. Fur ball that she is!

Stopped at the vet clinic today after work and bought 2 more 5-way vaccines to give to the yearling fillies. It has been just about a month since they had their first dose, so this will be their booster shot. They stood very well the first time, so am expecting more of the same from them. Gave them a quick rub with the brush tonight, Winnie is a total fur ball, but is finally letting go some of her winter coat. Willow is not half as fuzzy, but is finally letting loose too. Plan on giving them a real good rub this weekend. See if we can fill up a 5 gallon bucket with hair(I don't think it will be hard to do!) Exciting news, I have a "Sale Pending" on Carma. Will give more details as time progresses, but I will share that I have a good feeling that she has found her "forever home". Makes me very happy for my sweet little mare.

Hopefully Rose and I can get in some riding this weekend, slip slidding thru the mud!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weather and Horses

Wow, in typical Alberta fashion the weather has been doing its number on us. After having an unseasonably warm March, which we took full advantage of by being very busy working with the horses. Then April 8th arrived and that night with it a full blown spring storm. Unfortunately not much moisute with it, the snow all blew away, but the wind blew at 90 km/hr for most of Thursday night and into Friday, with it finally subsiding late Saturday night. Today it is once again a beautiful day made for riding.

The photo posted is of Rose working on the lunge line last Wednesday, before the storm.

My pregnant mares are beginning to show sings of making bag, only a month to go and hopefully we will have little Duc babies on the ground. I am looking forward to it!

I have been busy readying the trailer for our first outing of the year. The Mane Event in Red Deer is taking place April 23-25, and Rose and I will be taking part in the breed demos. We have been working on loading and unloading and with some practice Rose is doing it like a pro. She initially wasn't to sure about the whole ramp deal, but now all is well. Carma walked on like it was no big deal, so she got a nice treat for that!
Time to ride!