Saturday, June 13, 2009

Well its June and Love is in the air....horsewise anyways! Duc has been put to work and he couldn't be happier about it:) Jewel, Jeanne and Mystique have been his love interests this spring and I hope that we have three beautiful foals next spring as a result of their liasion.

Both new fillies Winnie(Jewel's foal) and Willow(Rapture's foal) are growing and doing well. Both of them are in your pocket and absolutely love attention. Winnie received her first halter lesson today and thought that was not too big of a deal, just as long as she still got a scratch too.

Praying for rain in Rumsey. Not a drop of moisture all spring, we desperately need the rain. Pastures, crops and hay fields, not to mention my garden and are in dire need of a big drink.