Sunday, December 19, 2010

Family Ride...

A crisp winter day was the perfect setting for a ride with my daughters. Chelsey rode Jewel of course, Marci gave Rose a try and for the first time I rode Duc in company. Usually I go out on him by myself, but today he was a happy horse out with some girls! It has been quite sometime since the three of us have been able to all go out together, it was wonderful! Just like old times,except my daughters are now all grown up and are young women and their mounts are all Canadians. Also joining us was our Lab puppy, Roxie. It was just like a Christmas present all wrapped up in the smell of horses and laughter.
Merry Christmas and Joyful Riding!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Ride

I must say that I have amazing horses!! Jewel and Rose have had some time off and today when Chelsey and I went for a ride, they behaved just like they were rode yesterday. In Chelsey's words, "Jewel is just the most awesomest horse ever"! I would have to agree, and Rose was such a good girl too. It felt wonderful to be riding through the fields, and we have beautiful conditions to ride in. The snow is fluffy and soft and flys up nicely as you trot along.
Thank goodness for Chinooks, you just have to love'em and make the most of them while you can!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Its been a very long time since I have blogged! I hope everyone has been keeping up with our going on's thru facebook. The horses are all home from pasture for the winter and although recently the weather hasn't been the greatest for riding, I am hoping to get back to riding Rose and also starting to work with Winnie and Willow under saddle a bit.Winnie had 3 days of training before winter hit us with a vengence and she showed a tremendous aptitude for new things. Incredibly smart filly.

Jewel's new harness has arrived and thru the winter I hope to get her going and by spring be ready to go driving!

Xena has been sold and has gone to live in Manitoba with a wonderful family. She is their first Canadian Horse and I hope they love her as much as I did.

Chelsey and I had a photo session today with Duc, he could be a poster stud for how to behave when getting your photo taken! Basically dropped the lead rope, told him to stand, he was such fun to play with! Really got in the zone! I hope you enjoy our photo.