Monday, February 15, 2010

Perfect day for riding!

An absolutely gorgeous day for riding today, beautiful clear blue skies and it was a little above zero. It sure made for nice riding and Chelsey and I had a great time. Both Carma and Rose stepped out smartly and we put on a few miles and worked up a nice sweat. More of the same for tomorrow, hopefully.
I have decided come April 1st, that I am increasing the price on Winsome and Willow. So if you are interested in my young fillies now is the time to buy. Come by and check them out, I know you won't be disappointed.
All of the horses are enjoying the break in the weather and some of them have even started to let go of their winter coats a little bit. Everyone certainly enjoys getting a good brushing/scratch.
Happy Trails

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Well here we are already well into February, and after 2 weeks of gloomy skies and fog we finally had a clear blue day of sunny weather. Of course I put that to good use and went for a ride on Rose, she was more than happy to get out and we had a nice little ride.
We are continuing our search for our new-to-us horse trailer, we have a short list, hopefully one of them may turn out be the right one!
A new turn of events, Jewel may be pregnant after all and the vet wasn't feeling in the right place maybe! When I took water out to the field today for the mares, looking closely at Jewel's flank area, I am pretty sure I could see movement of a foal. I guess if she is she will continue to grow and I will continue to watch for more signs!
Valentines Day is fast approaching...give your special four legged friend an extra treat!