Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ciao from Italia

Buon giorno from Italia,which means Good day from Italy. I am having a fabulous time visiting Roma and now Firenze(Florence). The incredible history, art,and sculptures is awe inspiring and a person can not find enough words to describe it all.Amazing!! We have enjoyed beautiful weather and friendly people wherever we go. Friday we rent a car and go exploring Tuscany,should be another grand adventure.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October arrived and with it winter. It has moderated out somewhat and the snow has melted but gloomy skies and rain prevail. Not ideal weather unless you are a duck. Did get a chance to ride Carma on Saturday. She was pretty frisky for Carma, as she hadn't been rode in awhile, so she was quite happy to get moving!
I am off to Italy for a holiday with my sisters, starting Oct.25 for 11 days, so am leaving my husband in charge of the horses. Everyone better behave themselves while I am gone!!
Upon arrival home, mares and foals will all be brought home, everyone will be wormed, pregnant mares will receive their first pneumabort vacciantion, farrier is coming to trim hooves and Willow and Winsome will be weaned. That will be a big week.
In the meantime enjoy whatever nice weather we have left and go riding:)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hello All,
September just seemed to fly by and here it is already Thanksgiving this weekend. Beautiful weather in September, but not much time to ride as we were busy getting the crop off. Rose and I were able to get out a bit and have some nice rides. Now that October has arrived the weather has taken a nasty turn for the worst, so have not ventured out to ride. Still hoping for some nice fall days to put on some miles.
I have decided to do some drastic herd reduction, as much as it will hurt to see them go, I have decided to offer most of the mares for sale. If I can find them good homes where they will be loved and utilized for the good of the breed, I can be happy about that.

Enjoy the long weekend!