Monday, January 24, 2011

Horses are enjoying the warmer weather.

We are all enjoying the warm up we have experienced lately. So much more enjoyable now to go out and spend more time with my herd. Yesterday Mystique and Jeanne received their second vaccination of Pneumabort-K. Only 4 more months and we will have little foals running around again!
I am taking advantage of the chinook and having the farrier come on Wednesday to give everyone a trim. They all have some pretty good growth to trim off, but no chips, those good strong Canadian hooves proving again how tough they are.
In the photo is LaDiva, looks like she is saying "Hi" to all of her new friends.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

News Mares Arrived Safely.

Diamond A is very happy and pleased to share that two very special broodmares have joined our herd. They come to us from Cosyland Farms in Ontario, where they have proven themselves to be producers of some of the very best Canadian Horses and now they are a part of our breeding program. Very excited to see what we will produce when we breed them with Duc.
The weather is starting to moderate finally, we have endured huge amounts of snow, way more than we usually get, and has been in the minus 25 and lower range for quite some time now. I am so glad I have hardy Canadians, as long as they have hay in front of them and a wind break, nothing much bothers them. Bred to be tough they are!