Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Busy Day at Diamond A

A spring day in April in Alberta, gorgeous out but then the wind started to blow and it wasn't quite so nice out anymore. I was a busy girl in the morning and gave the whole herd their 5-way vaccinations.This is the most horses I have ever owned(10) and it took awhile to get them all done! Everyone was very well behaved except Shim, and even she wasn't bad. She just has a phobia about shots, Jeanne was the same way when I got her too, now I don't give her time to think about what is about to happen. Its over before she has time to work herself up and then she gets a treat, and life is back to being good.

In the afternoon the vet came and Xade had his big operation. He is now a gelding and feeling very sorry for himself! Was a bit of an interesting ordeal as he came out of the drugs a bit sooner than we had expected. As it was my job at his head with my leg putting pressure on his neck to hold him down. Well when he came awake,he thru his head up and his front legs came forward rather quickly.
Lets just say Karen received a very sore tailbone out the deal. I am hoping I can ride tomorrow.More Advil, please!